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Table 2 Statistical quantitative description of the category features

From: Machine learning can predict survival of patients with heart failure from serum creatinine and ejection fraction alone

 Full sampleDead patientsSurvived patients
Category feature#%#%#%
Anaemia (0: false)17056.865052.0812059.11
Anaemia (1: true)12943.144647.92340.89
High blood pressure (0: false)19464.885759.3813767.49
High blood pressure (1: true)10535.123940.626632.51
Diabetes (0: false)17458.195658.3311858.13
Diabetes (1: true)12541.814041.678541.87
Sex (0: woman)10535.123435.427134.98
Sex (1: man)19464.886264.5813265.02
Smoking (0: false)20367.896668.7513767.49
Smoking (1: true)9632.113031.256632.51
  1. #: number of patients. %: percentage of patients. Full sample: 299 individuals. Dead patients: 96 individuals. Survived patients: 203 individuals.