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Table 1 Meanings, measurement units, and intervals of each feature of the dataset

From: Machine learning can predict survival of patients with heart failure from serum creatinine and ejection fraction alone

AgeAge of the patientYears[40,..., 95]
AnaemiaDecrease of red blood cells or hemoglobinBoolean0, 1
High blood pressureIf a patient has hypertensionBoolean0, 1
Creatinine phosphokinaseLevel of the CPK enzyme in the bloodmcg/L[23,..., 7861]
DiabetesIf the patient has diabetesBoolean0, 1
Ejection fractionPercentage of blood leavingPercentage[14,..., 80]
 the heart at each contraction  
SexWoman or manBinary0, 1
PlateletsPlatelets in the bloodkiloplatelets/mL[25.01,..., 850.00]
Serum creatinineLevel of creatinine in the bloodmg/dL[0.50,..., 9.40]
Serum sodiumLevel of sodium in the bloodmEq/L[114,..., 148]
SmokingIf the patient smokesBoolean0, 1
TimeFollow-up periodDays[4,...,285]
(target) death eventIf the patient died during the follow-up periodBoolean0, 1
  1. mcg/L: micrograms per liter. mL: microliter. mEq/L: milliequivalents per litre