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Table 1 ePrescription charateristics in the seven health care regions studied.

From: Physicians' attitudes towards ePrescribing – evaluation of a Swedish full-scale implementation

Health care regions included in study ePrescriptions (%) EHR-systems implemented
Norrbotten 86 F
Stockholm 83 B, E
Kronoberg 81 A
Blekinge 80 D
Uppsala 80 A
Västernorrland 54 D
Skåne 50 C
Median (IQR) 80 (15)  
  1. The percentage of dispensed ePrescriptions of the total number of dispensed prescriptions in each studied health care region and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems implemented in each health care region in October 2007 [Personal communication, E Ongwae, Apoteket AB].
  2. A = Cosmic, B = Journal III, C = Melior, D = SYSteam Cross, E = Take Care and F = VAS