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Table 1 Needs Assessment of Health Centres and Laboratories

From: A web-based laboratory information system to improve quality of care of tuberculosis patients in Peru: functional requirements, implementation and usage statistics

Health Centres
All information displayed to mirror paper forms
Find patient by name despite constant misspellings
Fast access despite low bandwidth
Easily access patient's individual result and history of all results
For a sample view all tests performed and date when sample was taken
View all recent results by HC
Track all tests pending by HC
Access information on samples collected in other institutions (e.g. while hospitalized, prior to transfer to their HC)
Email notification of new test results
Print out a test result in the official MINSA format
Display trend in DST requests by HC
Show MDR-TB patients not appropriate treatment
Current patients failing treatment
Access latest information on evidence-based TB treatment
Integrate into laboratory workflow with minimal disturbance or increased work
Search for sample by ID number
Individual results printed in current paper form
Aggregate reporting for all tests entered
Ability to view all culture and DST results reported within an arbitrary time period
Improve quality control of test results
Ability to modify or "grow" system with continual requirements
Compatibility with existing computerized information systems