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Table 2 Examples of medication administration errors

From: The impact of a novel medication scanner on administration errors in the hospital setting: a before and after feasibility study

Error type Pre-intervention Post-intervention
Timing error Sertraline prescribed for 7am but not given until 8.30am Rifaximin prescribed for administration at 7am but not given until 9.02am
Omission error Aspirin prescribed but mistakenly omitted Cinacalcet not in stock therefore knowingly omitted
Documentation error Patient refused memantine but recorded as administered on the system Gabapentin administered to a patient but nurse did not register this on the system
Wrong dose Nurse was about to give 40 mg of furosemide but 20 mg prescribed (observer intervened)*
Wrong form Modified release metformin prescribed but standard release given
  1. *Although observers were blinded to the patient’s medication chart there were instances were observers visited patients on multiple occasions and therefore were aware of some of their medicines and so may have been able to intervene if they encountered an issue