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Table 4 Examples of preferred terms which have several category terms (English terms in parentheses)

From: Terminology integration and inconsistency identification of adverse event terminology for Japanese medical devices using SPARQL

  Preferred term Category term
Medical device problems アーチファクト (artifact) アーチファクト(artifact), 異常画像 (image abnormality)
バッテリ不良 (battery defect) 充電不良 (charging defect), 動作不良 (malfunction), 故障(defect)
劣化 (degradation) 経時変化 (temporal change), 故障 (defect), 破損 (damage), 不良 (failure)
変形 (deformation) 故障 (defect), 破損 (damage), 成形不良 (shape defect), 変形不良 (deformation defect), コンタクトレンズ不良 (defect of contact lenses), 分注ノズル折損・変形 (breakage and deformation in dispensing nozzle), 機械的不良 (mechanical failure), 不良 (failure), 損傷 (damage), 意図しない効果 (unintentional effect), 品質不良 (poor in quality)
Patient problems かぶれ (irritated skin) 炎症症状 (inflammatory symptom), 炎症 (inflammation), 皮膚炎 (skin inflammation), かぶれ (irritated skin)
骨折 (bone fracture) 骨折 (bone fracture), 外傷 (trauma), 損傷 (injury), 組織損傷 (damage to tissue), 組織障害 (tissue involvement)
神経障害 (nerve disorder) 組織損傷 (damage to tissue), 機能性障害 (functional damage)
失明 (no light perception) 視機能障害 (damage of visual function), 視力障害 (visual disorder), 失明 (no light perception)
アレルギー反応 (allergic reaction) 感染 (infection), 炎症 (inflammation), ショック (shock), アレルギー症状 (allergic symptoms), 眼疾患 (eye disease), 損傷 (damage), アレルギー反応 (allergic reaction)