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Table 3 Examples of unsatisfactory cases of preferred terms and synonyms (English terms in parentheses)

From: Terminology integration and inconsistency identification of adverse event terminology for Japanese medical devices using SPARQL

  Preferred term Preferred term and synonym Synonym
Medical device problems 剥離 (exfoliation) はがれ (peeling) 剥離 (exfoliation)
変形 (deformation) へこみ (cratering) 陥没 (collapse)
変形 (deformation) 折れ (fold) 折損 (breakage)
変形 (deformation) 曲がり (bend) 湾曲 (curvature)
誤作動 (malfunction) 誤動作 (incorrect action) 意図しない動作 (unintentional action)
挿入不能 (unable to insert) 迷入 (incorrect insertion) 網膜下迷入 (subretinal migration)
Patient problems 意図しない組織損傷(unintentional tissue damage) 裂傷 (laceration) 切り傷 (incised wound)
残留 (remaining) 遺残 (persistence) 異物残存(foreign matter remaining)
感染症 (infectious disease) 感染 (infection) 患者感染 (patient infection)
感染症(infection disease) 感染 (infection) 合併症 (complication)
感染症 (infectious disease) 感染 (infection) 職業感染 (occupational infection)
感染 (infection) 感染症 (infectious disease) 感染 (infection)
  1. “Preferred term and synonym” is a term which change the allocation depending on the terminology item. “Preferred term” is a described term in a terminology item when preferred term and synonym” is described as sysnonym. “Synonym” is the opposite