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Table 1 The rules for preprocessing of patient data

From: Process mining framework with time perspective for understanding acute care: a case study of AIS in hospitals

No Rules Comments
1 The patient's onset time and arrival time cannot be missing Exact minute
2 The patient's onset time is earlier than the arrival time  
3 The start time of orders is later than patient's arrival time  
4 Patient's arrival time is earlier than the time arrival of neurology department Applicable to cooperative hospitals
5 If the patient has more than one thrombolytic drug order, we will choose the earliest order to determine the start time of thrombolytic therapy Thrombolytic drugs include rt-PA and urokinase
6 The time of arrival of neurology department will be determined by the first order issued after admission  
7 Range of rt-PA dosage: 20 mg ≤ n ≤ 300 mg  
8 Range of door-to-needle time: 0 < n ≤ 360 min  
9 Range of time from onset to start of thrombolytic therapy: 0 < n ≤ 360 min