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Table 4 Supplement to the fetal monitoring guidelines

From: Investigating the interpretability of fetal status assessment using antepartum cardiotocographic records

Fetal status




MSTV: Average STVa; ASTV: percentage of points with STV

AC: [0.0048, 0.005] times per second; MSTV: \(\left[ 0.6, 1.5\right)\); Mean: \(\left[ 125.175, 138.23\right)\); Min: \(\left[ 86, 108\right)\); ASTV: \(\left[ 30, 44\right)\)


DS: lasting at least 15 s and with amplitude exceeding 15 bpm; DP: lasting 120–300 s with amplitude exceeding 15 bpm

Mode: range in [60, 99); Variance: \(>165\); DS: \(> 0.00094\) times per second; DP: \(>0.0028\) times per second

  1. aSTV is identified whenever the difference between two adjacent FHR signals is less than 1 bpm