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Table 1 Attribute Information about the CTG dataset

From: Investigating the interpretability of fetal status assessment using antepartum cardiotocographic records

Symbol Feature description
LB FHR baseline (beats per minute)
AC Number of accelerations per second
FM Number of fetal movements per second
UC Number of uterine contractions per second
DL Number of light decelerations per second
DS Number of severe decelerations per second
DP Number of prolonged decelerations per second
ASTV Percentage of time with abnormal short term variability
MSTV Mean value of short term variability
ALTV Percentage of time with abnormal long term variability
MLTV Mean value of long term variability
Width Width of FHR histogram
Min Minimum of FHR histogram
Max Maximum of FHR histogram
Nmax Number of histogram peaks
Nzeros Number of histogram zeros
Mode Histogram mode
Mean Histogram mean
Median Histogram median
Variance Histogram variance
Tendency Histogram tendency
NSP Fetal state class code (N = 1; S = 2; P = 3)