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Table 5 Predictive results of the top 50 prioritized miRNAs related to BN through removing all known BN-related miRNAs in HMDD V2.0 database

From: Efficient framework for predicting MiRNA-disease associations based on improved hybrid collaborative filtering

miRNA Evidence miRNA Evidence
hsa-mir-367 dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-608 dbDEMC,HMDD
hsa-mir-302c dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-638 dbDEMC,HMDD
hsa-mir-302a dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-518b unconfirmed
hsa-mir-302b dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-602 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-488 HMDD hsa-mir-612 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-215 dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-615 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-302d dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-637 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-218 dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-657 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-383 dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-185 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7d dbDEMC,miR2Disease,HMDD hsa-mir-518c dbDEMC
hsa-let-7f dbDEMC,miR2Disease,HMDD hsa-mir-622 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7c dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-583 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-19a dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-557 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-153 dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-600 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7b dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-601 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7i dbDEMC,miR2Disease,HMDD hsa-mir-611 unconfirmed
hsa-mir-296 dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-654 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7e dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-662 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7a dbDEMC,miR2Disease,HMDD hsa-mir-769 unconfirmed
hsa-mir-429 dbDEMC,miR2Disease,HMDD hsa-mir-18a dbDEMC,miR2Disease,HMDD
hsa-mir-338 dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-486 dbDEMC,HMDD
hsa-let-7g dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-629 dbDEMC,HMDD
hsa-mir-20a miR2Disease,HMDD hsa-mir-596 unconfirmed
hsa-mir-19b dbDEMC,HMDD hsa-mir-17 miR2Disease,HMDD
hsa-mir-324 HMDD hsa-mir-339 dbDEMC,HMDD
  1. The column 1 and 3 list the top 1–25 and top 26–50 BN-related miRNAs, respectively