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Table 1 Illustrations of alternative types of data preprocessing filters applied to different types of clinical measurements

From: Modeling and prediction of pressure injury in hospitalized patients using artificial intelligence

Item Date group/type Data type/nature Derived-data aggregation method
1 Biographical Static/single As is
2 Daily vital data Time series (daily) Min, max, mean
3 Braden (4 metrics) Time series min, max for each
4 Location/units Unit names and dates LOS for each location
5 Periop Time series avg, absolute min, absolute max
6 Surgical related data   
   Anesthesia duration Time series (minutely) Total duration
   Procedure room stay Time series (minutely) Total duration
   Surgical schedule? Categorical As is?
   Surgical service? Categorical As is?
7 Staffing data Time series Mean (RN HPPD and Total HPPD)
8 ASA data (severity of illness) Time series Min, max, mean, SD
  1. *American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)