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Table 1 Threats to medical scribe industry

From: The future of medical scribes documenting in the electronic health record: results of an expert consensus conference

Threats to medical scribe industry
Types of threats Summarization Example
Change in documentation model Various changes in documentation model, based on regulation and technology advancements, could lead to not needing medical scribes to aid in documentation Using artificial intelligence as a way to help with documentation
Change in the scribe workforce The pre-professional model is the most popular model of medical scribes. However, with the increased use in medical scribes, different models may have to be utilized Using non-medical school bound individuals as scribes
Lack of opportunities for continuing professional development Being a pre-professional medical scribe may not be beneficial when applying to medical schools A medical scribe being paid poorly, working very hard, but still not getting into medical school programs
Utilizing other personnel as scribes (MA/LPN/RN) Using people in house to be documenters for the providers Using LPNs or MAs or RNs as scribes
EHR usability Medical scribes are just a band-aid solution to the EHR. With more EHR ingenuity, the need for medical scribes could decrease Optimal design of documentation inside the EHR
Changes in the return on investments case for scribes Changing the pay model of pre-professional scribes from a human ROI model to a reimburseable model Making scribing reimbursable for providers
Patient entered data Allowing patients to enter data into their chart OpenNotes