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Table 1 Details participant interviews and observations

From: Persisting workarounds in Electronic Health Record System use: types, risks and benefits

  Code, Professional Expertise Duration (min)
Interviews I_SS2, Support staff Training facilitator 45
I_SS3, Support staff Optimization team 60
I_SS4, Support staff Optimization team 60
I_SS5, Support staff Order complications 30
I_SS6, Support staff Patient registration complications 20
I_HD1, Help desk Manager IT Help desk 40
I_PH1, Physician Acute medicine 35
I_PH2, Physician Nephrologist 40
I_PH3, Physician Head of Department, Researcher 60
I_PH4, Physician Nephrologist 45
I_PH5, Physician Acute Medicine 30
I_NU1, Nurse Flex worker 20
I_NU2, Nurse Nurse 25
I_NU3, Nurse Head Nurse 20
I_MA1, Medical Admin EHR core team 45
I_MA2, Medical Admin Kidney transplants 25
I_MA3, Medical Admin Kidney transplants 25
Observations O_PH1, Physician Acute medicine 60
O_PH2, Physician Nephrologist 60
O_PH3, Physician Head of department 70
O_PH4, Physician Nephrologist 70
O_SS1, Support staff Solution centre 70
O_SS2, Support staff Training facilitator 70