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Table 2 Studies on Heart Disease Prediction using WARM

From: A novel approach for heart disease prediction using strength scores with significant predictors

Authors Technique No of Features Used Evaluation Metric Score Dataset
Ibrahim and Sivabalakrishnan [19] Random Walk Memetic Algo with WARM 13 Precision 92% UCI
Ibrahim and Sivabalakrishnan [18] WARM 13 Confidence 67% UCI
Kharya et al. [25] WARM with Bayesian Belief Network 4 NA NA NA
Chauhan et al.[11] WARM 13 Accuracy 60.4% UCI
Sundar et al. [50] WARM 13 Confidence 84% UCI
Soni et al. [46] WARM 13 Confidence 80% UCI
Soni and Vyas [48] WARM 13 Confidence 79.5% UCI