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Fig. 7

From: Public health utility of cause of death data: applying empirical algorithms to improve data quality

Fig. 7Fig. 7Fig. 7Fig. 7

Leading 20 causes of death for Brazil (a), France (b), Japan (c), and the United States (d) in 2015 for all ages and both sexes combined. The left-hand column is data before redistribution compared to data after redistribution in the right-hand column. Causes are connected by arrows before and after redistribution. Infectious diseases are shown in red, non-communicable diseases in blue, and injuries in green. This figure also captures additional corrections applied prior to redistribution, namely adjustments made for the misdiagnosis of Parkinson’s, atrial fibrillation, and Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias not discussed in detail in this paper (Additional file 1: Figure 1). Additionally, only real underlying causes are included in this figure. For that reason, one will not see "Garbage Code" listed in the deaths prior to redistribution

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