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Table 3 Main information.

From: The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare: a structured literature review

Main information Explanation No
Documents Total number of scientific papers and review 288
Sources The frequency distribution of sources as journals 136
Author’s keywords Total number of keywords 946
Keywords plus (ID) Total number of phrases that frequently appear in the title of an article's references 2329
Period Years of publication 1992–2021
Authors Total number of authors 1025
Authors appearances The authors’ frequency distribution 1059
Authors of single-authored documents The number of single authors per articles 36
Authors of multi-authored documents The number of authors of multi-authored articles 989
Authors per document The average number of authors in each document 3.56
Co-authors per documents The average number of co-authors in each document 3.68
Average citations per article The average number of quotes in each article 12.68
Collaboration index (CI)   3.97