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Table 1 29 medical indices in input neurons

From: Learning from imbalanced fetal outcomes of systemic lupus erythematosus in artificial neural networks

Neurons   Inputs
\(x_{01}\) Baseline characteristics Age
\(x_{02}\)   Region (city/rural)
\(x_{03}\) History History of live birth* (frequency) (city/rural)
\(x_{04}\)   History of spontaneous abortion* (frequency)
\(x_{05}\)   History of therapeutic abortion* (frequency)
\(x_{06}\)   History of artificial abortion* (frequency)
\(x_{07}\)   Other adverse reproductive history irrelevant to SLE (frequency)
\(x_{08}\)   History of caesarean (frequency)
\(x_{09}\)   Other chronic disease: Diabetes/Hypertension (Y/N)
\(x_{10}\)   History of SLE (years)
\(x_{11}\)   Pre-gestational SLE status Remission stage (Y/N)
\(x_{12}\)   Pre-gestational SLE status Active stage (Y/N)
\(x_{13}\)   Pre-gestational SLE status Initial onset (Y/N)
\(x_{14}\) Clinical manifestation Nephritis (Y/N)
\(x_{15}\)   Cutaneous lesion (Y/N)
\(x_{16}\)   Hematological disorder (Y/N)
\(x_{17}\)   Arthritis (Y/N)
\(x_{18}\)   Serositis (Y/N)
\(x_{19}\) Laboratory data Anti-Ro/SSA (Positive/Negative)
\(x_{20}\)   Anti-La / SSB (Positive/Negative)
\(x_{21}\)   Anti-dsDNA (Positive/Negative)
\(x_{22}\)   Anti-Sm (Positive/Negative)
\(x_{23}\)   APL (Positive/Negative)
\(x_{24}\)   C3 hypocomplementania-C3 (g/L)
\(x_{25}\)   C4 hypocomplementania-C4 (g/L)
\(x_{26}\)   24-hour-urinary protein level (g/L)
\(x_{27}\)   ADP(\(\%\))
\(x_{28}\) Treatments Glucocorticoid (Y/N)
\(x_{29}\)   Asprin (Y/N)
  1. *Medical terms are shown in the Method section