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Table 1 Issues uncovered during Round 1 testing, illustrative quotes and recommended changes to the CDS tool

From: Supporting deprescribing in hospitalised patients: formative usability testing of a computerised decision support tool

Usability issue Illustrative quote Recommended change
Users were confused about what the DBI graph showed I don't know what these dots are. So that was on the ninth, it was on the eighth and that was on the seventh… So the DBI is based on what they’ve charted as an inpatient? (P1) Include a title or legend on the DBI graph, ensure “?” defines DBI and how it is calculated
Users were confused about the big red dot on the DBI graph I don't know why there’s a big red dot. (P3) Reduce current dot size, so all dots are the same size
Users reported the ‘Discontinue’ button was hard to see and were confused about the name of the button (e.g. do they click if only reducing a dose?) If that had a drop down “modified dose” or “doctor dose reduction” or something, like a heading like that, because in my head you're not cancelling the drug completely. (P4) Enlarge discontinue button and rename to ‘Modify’
Users reported that the link to deprescribing guides is too small and where the link is located makes it easy to miss Let’s find the deprescribing tool. The font is too small, I think. It should be a little bit bigger. (P8) Enlarge link to deprescribing guides and move to a more prominent position