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Table 3 Qualitative domains

From: Passive sensing on mobile devices to improve mental health services with adolescent and young mothers in low-resource settings: the role of families in feasibility and acceptability

Domains Definition Code examples
Domain 1:
Technical issues
The degree to which technical issues in the devices impact use or the devices mobile use, data usage, family involvement
Domain 2:
The degree to which the device may impact physical functioning, activities, or daily routines mobile use, battery, beacon use
Domain 3:
The degree to which the device would protect personal information privacy concerns, social perspective
Domain 4:
Perceptions regarding health risks or put a child, mother or family at the risk of mugging or theft. This domain also explores safety concerns mothers have over losing or breaking the device itself child safety, mother safety, device safety
Domain 5:
The perceived benefits of the device for improving caregiver and child health, development, and mental health non-study specific utility, study specific utility, misperceptions and other perceptions
Domain 6:
Communicating study objectives and device use to the mothers during the consent process at the beginning of the study and by study team engagement throughout the study duration autonomy, study team engagement, consent/debriefing process