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Table 2 Factors related to operator-, patient, and/or CDSS-integrated characteristics impacting consistency of TT decisions

From: Consistency of decision support software-integrated telephone triage and associated factors: a systematic review

  Included articles
Belman [20] Brasseur [21] Dale [14] Monaghan [13] O’Cathain [15] O’Cathain [22] Varley [23]
Compared CDSS consistency Yes Yes
Other factors identified Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Length of experience x
 Type of experience x x x x x
 Flexibility of decisiona x x x
CDSS Yes Yes
 Inter–system consistency x
 Effectivenessb x x
Patient Yes
 Age of patient x -
  1. TT telephone triage, CDSS computerized decision support software
  2. aPrioritization of nurse-operator’s professional knowledge; option to overrule CDSS triage decision
  3. bValidity of CDSS