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Table 3 Frequency of different information types and communication techniques

From: How German health insurance providers use social online networks to promote healthy lifestyles: a content analysis of Facebook® accounts

(n, % of all prevention-related posts)
Case sample Health insurance providers offering this technique (n)
Detailed information, educational content 713
‘Once again we have a topical question of the week for you. Today we will be dealing with the important topic of early detection of skin cancer. Our position and what we can do for you, you can find out as always at [link]’. (public health insurance provider)
‘First a tiring meeting at work, then grocery shopping and the housework has to be done. For many parents this means pure stress. Here are some tips for you on how to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life:... ‘ (public health insurance provider)
Event notice 251
‘The day after tomorrow the B2Run company running championship will continue with the run in #Karlsruhe. Of course we'll be there again and maybe you can have your picture taken at our photo campaign. […] There are still last-minute starting places—all information about the run can be found here: [link]’ (public health insurance provider)
‘To all new mothers …: On October 12th we invite you to our expert evening ‘Breastfeeding—Food for Body and Soul’. XY, a breastfeeding and lactation consultant and training officer, will talk about important aspects of breastfeeding […]. YZ, owner of the Bra Fit Studio, will give important tips on the correct fit of the nursing bra. The free event begins (…)’ (public health insurance provider)
prize game, contest, quiz 134
‘Send us your sportiest photo for winning a fitness tracker from XX! Just post a picture in the comments that shows you full of #Action! Because the motto is: #Steps, steps, steps! (private health insurance provider)
‘Win a „StressBusters “ service—deadline for participation ends today. You are studying and …busy with assignments and exams? If so, the (staff of the) StressBusters clean up for you. Because in a clean and tidy place, you can concentrate on your education. [link] (public health insurance provider)
Appeal, invitation (to change behaviour, to attend courses etc.) 105
‘You won't have to give up on the Easter egg. But you should keep it at three eggs a week. Contrary to widespread opinion, studies have shown that the consumption of chicken eggs does not lead to an increase in cholesterol levels. On the contrary: since eggs contain many important nutrients, they make an important contribution to a varied and balanced diet. So enjoy your meal and we wish you a happy Easter!’(public health insurance provider) 15/17
  1. The table shows the type of communication used in the studied Facebook® posts (n = 1191, multiple categorizations possible). Most posts were combined with a photo, which did not change the information category