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Table 2 Example content of parallel corpus

From: ECCParaCorp: a cross-lingual parallel corpus towards cancer education, dissemination and application


Example of corpus pairs

Breast Cancer

Carriers with a history of breast cancer have an increased risk of contralateral disease that may be as great as 5% per year


Liver Cancer

Patients with primary hepatoblastomas that remain unresectable, defined as tumors with less than 1 cm radiographic venous margins, POSTTEXT 3 multifocal or POSTTEXT 4, will be referred to a liver transplant center after the first two cycles of C5VD

对于患有原发性肝母细胞瘤的患者, 若放射影像学显示其距静脉边缘不足1cm、POSTTEXT3期多灶性或POSTTEXT4期肿瘤, 则无法切除。应考虑行2程C5VD后转入肝移植中心

Lung Cancer

The lung component of PLCO addressed the question of whether annual single-view (posterior-anterior) chest x-ray was capable of reducing lung cancer mortality as compared with usual medical care


Colorectal Cancer

NSAIDs reduce the risk of adenomas, but the extent to which this translates into a reduction of CRC is uncertain

非甾体类抗炎药可降低腺瘤的发病风险, 但能否表明降低结直肠癌的发病率尚不明确

Esophageal Cancer

Patients whose duodenal ulcers were treated successfully with antibiotics developed reflux esophagitis twice as often as those in whom infection persisted


Stomach Cancer

Screening would result in uncommon but serious side effects associated with endoscopy, which may include perforation, cardiopulmonary events, aspiration pneumonia, and bleeding requiring hospitalization

胃癌筛查可能引起罕见、但一旦发生即很严重的内镜相关副作用, 包括穿孔、心肺事件、吸入性肺炎与需要住院的出血事件