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Table 1 Discover data elements by level of aggregation

From: How an electronic health record became a real-world research resource: comparison between London’s Whole Systems Integrated Care database and the Clinical Practice Research Datalink

Data elementEvent levelPatient levelOrganisation levelData coding system
Demographics Y n/a
GP or other primary care consultationY  Read codes
Clinical tests ordered in primary careY  Read codes
Referrals to secondary careY  Read codes
Practice staffing  Yn/a
Social care contactsY  Unique to this data set
Community mental healthY  Unique to this data set
Emergency department visitsY  Unique to England
Hospital staysY  ICD10 for diagnoses; UK’s OPCS for procedures
Hospital outpatient appointmentsY  ICD10 for diagnoses; UK’s OPCS for procedures
Death registration Y ICD10 for causes
Geographical location (postcode) YYUK postcode