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Table 7 Example of predicted problems in CareSatisfaction app

From: Investigating usability of mobile health applications in Bangladesh

Problem No (see Fig. 2) Description (comment from the evaluator) Severity Violated Heuristic
P1 “The hint provided about the text input is confusing since in both fields same example texts are shown by default. The first field should be for the Division whiles the second one for the District name. So, user will not be able to quickly grasp the information or what they need to do” 3 H10
P2 “The orientations of the three buttons are very unusual. Despite of having space at left and below, the buttons are organized in a very compact way. The buttons are not organized in a conventional manner and lack proper spacing among the buttons” 2 H8, H9
P3 “No proper instruction, indication or hints is given about the button. Even it is almost impossible to detect it as a button” 4 H3, H10
P4 “The lists are organized in a scattered way. Difficult for a user to find the certain area/district. A systematic way could be followed, for example, ordering the districts name alphabetically. User has no control to see the list in a systematic way” 2 H4, H6, H9
P5 “The message icon is used instead of a rating icon for asking user to rate the app. It may reduce the users’ memory load (user should not remember its functionality) if a proper icon was used here” 3 H3, H5
P6 “No constraint as well as error control mechanism are given in the fields of adding new hospital. For example, user can give alphabetical input in latitude longitude field (where numerical value could be the only accepted value)” 2 H4
P7 “Basic navigation control is missing in the screen like there is no Home or Back button is present in the screen” 3 H2