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Table 5 Final framework: Establishing the platform profile

From: The design and development of technology platforms in a developing country healthcare context from an ecosystem perspective

Platform Profile considerationEffect on use
Platform typePlatform type results in to one of the following cases:
• Elements relating to economic perspective accentuated
• Elements relating to engineering perspective accentuated
• Elements relating to both perspectives accentuated
Internal or external platformInternal or external will result in the following two cases:
• In an internal platform, platform owner and developer levels merge
• In an external platform, the platform owner firm and developers are different firms and the framework levels should be approached accordingly
Distribution channels and contextsDepending on the desired distribution channels and contexts, certain elements will be emphasised. For example: decisions regarding cloud-based, online or offline access or distribution via a marketplace (Appstore, for example) will affect elements applicable within framework.
Application industryCertain industries (e.g. health) will require special attention to certain categories and concepts. For example relating to standards, protocols, control mechanisms, context of use etc.