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Table 4 Framework evaluation overview and outcomes

From: The design and development of technology platforms in a developing country healthcare context from an ecosystem perspective

Evaluation stageFramework evolutionOverview of evaluation stageOutcomes of evaluation stage
Stage 1: Theoretical case study on MomConnectInventory frameworkResearch an existing health platform in the SSA context and relate it to the inventory framework.- Verify the applicability of current framework content
- Gain insight into technology platform operation and the SSA health context
Stage 2: Semi-structured interviewsOne-dimensional ecosystem frameworkSemi—structured interviews with industry experts in both the local and international contexts.- Verify all concepts within the framework
- Understand design, development and ecosystem governance
- Obtain feedback from industry experts
Stage 3: Industry case studyTwo-dimensional frameworkInvestigate and conduct interviews with a platform firm operating the SSA health context to evaluate the content and usefulness of the framework.- Observe and investigate the functioning of a platform in SSA health context
- Evaluate the usefulness of the framework as a tool
- Obtain feedback on tool