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Table 1 Overview of the CFA process and its implementation-

From: The design and development of technology platforms in a developing country healthcare context from an ecosystem perspective

CFA eight phases [44]Objective of phase as per CFAAlignment with section in this paperObjectives of part
Phase 1: Mapping data sourcesMap spectrum of multidisciplinary literaturePart 1: Investigation and discovery of sources. Subsequent concept identification and categorisation (Process described in Section 3)- Systematized literature review [45]
- Conceptual literature review based on findings of systematized literature review
- Include investigation of existing relevant frameworks, models and tools
Phase 2: Reading and categorising of dataRead selected data and categorise by discipline and scale of importance.
Phase 3: Identifying and naming conceptsRead and re-read data to discover concepts. Allow for concepts to emerge from literature
Phase 4: Deconstructing and categorising conceptsIdentify the main attributes, characteristics, assumptions and role of each concept. This is followed by categorising the concepts accordingly.
Phase 5: Integrating conceptsIntegrate and group together similar concepts to form one group of conceptsPart 2: Development of framework (Process described in Section 3)- Integrating and synthesising findings into a framework [4]
Phase 6: Synthesis and resynthesisSynthesise concepts into a framework. This is an iterative process and includes repetitive synthesis and resynthesis.
Phase 7: Framework evaluationEstablish whether the framework makes sense.Part 3: Framework evolution (Process described in Section 4)
The outcome of the framework evolution process is presented in Section 5
Evaluation and modification of the framework in three stages:
- Theoretical case study
- Semi-structured interviews
- Industry case study
This is a continuous process of evolving the framework with the third evolved version framework which is presented in section 5
Phase 8: Rethinking frameworkA multidisciplinary framework will always be dynamic and needs to be revised.