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Table 1 The latest studies about development and using the computer based programs in nursing

From: Attitude of nursing students following the implementation of comprehensive computer-based nursing process in medical surgical internship: a quasi-experimental study

Author/year publication/country Objective Findings The study characteristics
BabaMohamadi et al. (2013) [28]/Iran Assess nurses’ attitude toward the effect of nursing electronic reports on patient care Poor nurses’ attitudes about the nursing electronic reports Design/ sampling method: descriptive-analytical study/ Census sampling
the study sample: 316 nurses
The feature of the software: evaluating nursing electronic reports
Sayadi and Rokhafroz (2013) [10]/Iran Determining nursing students’ perspectives about a mobile software on nursing process for bedside use Improving knowledge and skills of most students about nursing process after using the software Design/sampling method: pre experimental one group design/convenience sampling the study sample: 30 Nursing Students
The feature of the software: developing the mobile software according to the learning objectives regarding nursing process in cardiology ward (including all stages of nursing process)
Mazlom and Rajabpoor (2014) [34]/Iran Design and assess the local nursing process computerized software software development feasibility according to health system of Iran and satisfaction of nurses and students with software Design and assess the software
The study sample: 10 nursing students (in the last semester) and 10 nurses in ICU ward
The feature of the software: This pilot software included all nursing process stages
Topaz et al. study (2017)[35]/Finland Qualitative content analysis of nurses’ satisfaction and issues with current electronic health record (EHR) systems Low satisfaction rankings of the most participants about electronic health record (EHR) systems Design/sampling method: cross-sectional survey design/snowball sampling strategy/the study sample: 469 nurses
The feature of the software: electronic record of nursing care
Hariyati et al. (2018)[36]/Indonesia Exploring nurse satisfaction of the new computer-based information system Improvement on satisfaction of simplicity and completeness of nursing process after using computer-based nursing information system Design/sampling method: cross-sectional approach, pre and posttest design/purposive sampling
The study sample: 27 nurses
The feature of the software: nursing documentation
Lima, Vieira and Nunes (2018)[37]/Paraiba Development of software to support decision-making for the selection of nursing diagnoses and interventions for children and adolescents Contributing of the tool in decision-making and quality of care Design and development of the software
The feature of the software: The software processes some parts of nursing process including nursing diagnoses, outcomes and interventions of a university hospital