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Table 4 Manually selected 51 activated GO terms using human tissue samples

From: Computational analysis to repurpose drugs for COVID-19 based on transcriptional response of host cells to SARS-CoV-2

go_id go_term_name p.value    
GO:0016032 Viral process 7.75E−08 GO:0002221 Pattern recognition receptor signaling pathway 6.55E−15
GO:0034340 Response to type I interferon 1.78E−15 GO:0034341 Response to interferon-gamma 8.43E−25
GO:0042742 Defense response to bacterium 4.74E −13 GO:0035455 Response to interferon-alpha 8.74E −07
GO:0045071 Negative regulation of viral genome replication 2.38E −14 GO:0035456 Response to interferon-beta 9.80E−06
GO:0051607 Defense response to virus 1.54E−24 GO:0046597 Negative regulation of viral entry into host cell 0.00040034
GO:0060337 Type I interferon signaling pathway 6.45E−16 GO:0039530 MDA-5 signaling pathway 0.00446572
GO:0009615 Response to virus 1.60E−28 GO:0060326 Cell chemotaxis 4.46E−19
GO:0045088 Regulation of innate immune response 1.92E−18 GO:0048247 Lymphocyte chemotaxis 1.49E−11
GO:0098586 Cellular response to virus 0.00074571 GO:0006959 Humoral immune response 2.95E−16
GO:0071347 Cellular response to interleukin-1 7.13E−07 GO:0006935 Chemotaxis 1.01E−10
GO:0071356 Cellular response to tumor necrosis factor 4.84E−07 GO:0019731 Antibacterial humoral response 0.00133157
GO:1990869 Cellular response to chemokine 3.29E−08 GO:0002237 Response to molecule of bacterial origin 4.05E−16
GO:0043123 Positive regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling 1.01E−06 GO:0001817 Regulation of cytokine production 3.41E−25
GO:0009617 Response to bacterium 2.67E−25 GO:0051591 Response to cAMP 0.00254496
GO:0071346 Cellular response to interferon-gamma 4.49E−22 GO:0019079 Viral genome replication 4.70E−10
GO:0045089 Positive regulation of innate immune response 1.27E−15 GO:0031663 Lipopolysaccharid E-mediated signaling pathway 1.10E−08
GO:0002224 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 1.09E−07 GO:0048245 Eosinophil chemotaxis 4.79E−05
GO:0050832 Defense response to fungus 0.00026658 GO:0070098 Chemokin E-mediated signaling pathway 4.75E−08
GO:0002548 Monocyte chemotaxis 6.18E−09 GO:0045055 Regulated exocytosis 1.68E−24
GO:0002218 Activation of innate immune response 9.08E−15 GO:0007249 I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling 7.22E−08
GO:0034612 Response to tumor necrosis factor 2.65E−07 GO:0043122 Regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling 1.61E−07
GO:0070555 Response to interleukin-1 5.34E−07 GO:0039528 cytoplasmic pattern Recognition receptor signaling pathway in response to virus 0.01386028
GO:0002430 Complement receptor mediated signaling pathway 2.11E−05 GO:0050920 Regulation of chemotaxis 1.71E−08
GO:0050688 Regulation of defense response to virus 3.49E−06 GO:0030595 Leukocyte chemotaxis 3.11E−20
GO:0071357 Cellular response to type I interferon 6.45E−16 GO:0019058 Viral life cycle 1.15E−09
GO:0001819 Positive regulation of cytokine production 5.35E−15