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Table 2 Interviews conducted by care home

From: Exploring factors that affect the uptake and sustainability of videoconferencing for healthcare provision for older adults in care homes: a realist evaluation

Care home 1 (n) a Care home 2 (n) Care home 3 (n)
Manager (1)
Nurses (3)
Night nurse (1)
Senior care assistant (1)
Care assistant (1)
Resident (1)
Deputy manager (1)
Senior care assistants (4)
Day care assistants (2)
Night care assistant (1)
Relatives (2)
Resident (1)
Manager (1)
Team leader (1)
Activity coordinator (1)
Care assistants (2)
Relatives (2)
  1. aThree residents were identified as having capacity to participate, one was interviewed fully and another was unable to complete the interview. The third did not consent to take part