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Table 8 Feature description for our dataset

From: CNFE-SE: a novel approach combining complex network-based feature engineering and stacked ensemble to predict the success of intrauterine insemination and ranking the features

Variable Variable levels Variable type
Endoscopy-hysteroscopy 0, 1st Hysteroscopy, 1st Hysteroscopy | 2nd Hysteroscopy, 1st Hysteroscopy | 2nd Hysteroscopy | 3rd Hysteroscopy,, 3rd Hysteroscopy | 1st Hysteroscopy, 4th Hysteroscopy | 3rd Hysteroscopy | 1st Hysteroscopy | 2nd Hysteroscopy Nominal
Endoscopy-laparoscopy 0, 1st laparoscopy, 1st laparoscopy | 2nd laparoscopy, 2nd laparoscopy Nominal
Endocrine disorder-pituitary 0, acromegaly, Prolactinoma Nominal
History-Habit 0, Alcohol, Alcohol | smoking, smoking Nominal
Medical HX-neuro psychological 0, Anxiety, depression, depression | Epilepsy, Epilepsy, Psychotic disorder Nominal
Medical HX-GI 0, Appendicitis, IBD, IBS, IBS | Peptic ulcer, Peptic ulcer Nominal
Medical HX-immunologic disorder 0, Arthritic rheumatoid, lupus Nominal
Medical HX-respiratory disease 0, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, bronchitis, bronchitis | Asthma Nominal
Common surgery-orchiopexy 0, Bilat, Bilat | Left | Right, Left, Right, Right | Left Nominal
Common surgery-varicocelectomy 0, Bilat, Left, Left | Bilat | Right, Left | Right, Right Nominal
Common surgery-hernia 0, Bilat, Left, Left | Right, Left | Right | Bilat, Right Nominal
Common surgery-hydrocele 0, Bilat, Left, Right Nominal
History-nipple discharge 0, Bilateral, Bloody, Unilateral Nominal
Current drug-antihyperprolactinemia 0, Bromocriptin, Bromocriptin | Dostinex, Dostinex Nominal
Medical HX-infection disorder 0, Brucellosis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, TB Nominal
Endocrine disorder-thyroid 0, cancer, Hyper, Hyper | Hypo, Hypo, Nodule Nominal
Medical HX cardiovascular disorder 0, DVT, Heart failure, Hypertension, Hypertension | MVP, MVP Nominal
Menstrual criteria-with drug 0, Estrogen, OCP, Progesterone, Progesterone | Estrogen, Progesterone | OCP Nominal
History-pelvic infection HX 0, Frequent discharge, History Of PID Nominal
Current drug-antidiabetic 0, Glucophage, Metformin, Metformin | Glucophage, Metformin | Paraovarian cyst, Paraovarian cyst Nominal
LT G 0, II, II | III, II | Time of Injection, III, Time of Injection Nominal
RT G__1 0, II, II | Time of Injection, Time of Injection Nominal
LT G__1 0, III, Time of Injection Nominal
Medical HX-blood disorder 0, Iron anemia, Major thalassemia, minor thalassemia Nominal
Common surgery-orchiectomy 0, Left, Right Nominal
Current drug-thyroid drugs 0, Levothyroxin, Levothyroxin | metimazole, metimazole, PTO Nominal
Past-irreg 0, Oligomenorrhea, Poly menorrhea Nominal
Medical HX-renal disease 0,Recurrent infection, Renal anomaly, Renal stone Nominal
Diabetes-1st degree relative 0,Type I, Type I | Type II, Type II Nominal
Endocrine disorder-D.M 0, type1, type2 Nominal
diagnosis-Uterine F adenomyosis, Anomaly, Asherman, Myoma, Negative, Unexplained (thin endometrium) Nominal
diagnosis-ovulatory F Age factor, Diminished ovarian reserve, Endocrine problem, Hypothalamic hypogonadism, Negative, PCOS Nominal
Therapeutic-agglutination all, few, most, none, some Nominal
Specimen characteristics-color Amber-Yellow, gray | yellow, Grey, Light-Yellow, Milky, White, White–Grey Nominal
Therapeutic-type of sampling Coitus, Coitus | Masturbation, Masturbation, Retrograde ejaculation, Retrograde ejaculation | Coitus Nominal
Therapeutic sperm preparation -technique Discontinuous gradient, Pure sperm | Discontinuous gradient, Swim up, Swim up | Discontinuous gradient Nominal
diagnosis-recurrent abortion Endocrine, Male, Negative, Thrombotic, unexplained Nominal
Tuboperitoneal type Endometriosis, EP Hx, hydrosalipinx, Idiopathic, Negative, Post surgery Nominal
diagnosis-unexplained Endometriosis, Idiopathic, Negative Nominal
diagnosis-other diagnosis Genetic, Impotency, Incomplete data, Negative, other, poor obstetric outcome, sex selection, Vaginismus Nominal
Menstrual criteria-amount hypermenorrhea, Hypo menorrhea, Normal Nominal
IUI clinic-IUI catheter INDOVASIVE, Other, INDOVASIVE | Other, Catheter Impex, ORI Nominal
Past-type more than 8 levels Nominal
Surgical HX-non gynecologic surgery more than 8 levels Nominal
DRUG HX-past drug more than 8 levels Nominal
Male medical information-exposures more than 8 levels Nominal
Male medical information-drug Hx esp more than 8 levels Nominal
Coded after processing-progression more than 8 levels Nominal
Coded before processing-progression more than 8 levels Nominal
Therapeutic-viscosity Normal, Somewhat Thick, Thick, Thin, Very thick Nominal
Specimen characteristics-viscosity Normal, Somewhat Thick, Thick, Very Thick Nominal
Family history endocrine disorder-thyroid NO, YES Binominal
Male medical information-scrotum Ab, NL Binominal
Specimen characteristics-collect type C, M Binominal
Therapeutic-place of sampling In, Out Binominal
Therapeutic-SPLIT Ejaculation NO, YES Binominal
Menstrual Criteria-Interval Normal (22–35 days), Abnormal (< 21, > 36 days) Binominal
Infertility type primary, secondary Binominal
Relationship-First cousin 0,1 Binary
Relationship-distant relationship 0,1 Binary
No relationship 0,1 Binary
Diagnosis-Male factor 0,1 Binary
Past-Reg (menstruation) 0,1 Binary
Current-Reg (menstruation) 0,1 Binary
Irreg-Oligomenorrhea 0,1 Binary
Irreg-Poly menorrhea 0,1 Binary
Cycle-Amenorrhea 0,1 Binary
Amenorrhea-Primary 0,1 Binary
Amenorrhea-Secondary 0,1 Binary
Menstrual Criteria-IMB 0,1 Binary
Coital HX-Lubricant 0,1 Binary
Coital HX-PCB 0,1 Binary
Coital HX-Vaginismus 0,1 Binary
Coital HX-Impotency 0,1 Binary
History-Cytotoxic Therapy 0,1 binary
Allergy-food 0,1 Binary
Allergy-seasonal 0,1 Binary
Allergy-Skin 0,1 Binary
Allergy-respiratory 0,1 Binary
Family history-infertility 0,1 Binary
Family history-recurrent abortion 0,1 Binary
Family history-POF 0,1 Binary
Family history-hearing disorder 0,1 Binary
Family history-TB 0,1 Binary
Family history-mental retardation 0,1 Binary
Cardio vascular-myocardial infarction 0,1 Binary
Cardio vascular-HTN 0,1 Binary
Respiratory disorder-Asthma 0,1 Binary
Thalassemia-minor 0,1 Binary
Type of cancer-breast cancer 0,1 Binary
Type of cancer-colon cancer 0,1 Binary
Type of cancer-leukemia 0,1 Binary
Type of cancer-uterus cancer 0,1 Binary
Type of cancer-lung cancer 0,1 Binary
Family history-epilepsy 0,1 Binary
Antihyperprolactinemia-Bromocriptin 0,1 Binary
Antihyperprolactinemia-Dostinex 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Anti Depression 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Anti hypertension 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Anticoagulant 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Folic acid 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Estrogen 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Progestron 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Ferrous sulphate 0,1 Binary
Current drug-Multi vitamin 0,1 Binary
Physical Exam-hirsutism 0,1 Binary
Type of pregnancy-Clinical pregnancy (class variable) 0,1 Binary
Minimal stimulation-Gonadotropin 0,1 Binary
Minimal stimulation-Letrosol 0,1 Binary
Minimal stimulation-Clomiphen 0,1 Binary
Type-Cetrorelix 0,1 Binary
HCG.IU_5000 0,1 Binary
HCG.IU_10000 0,1 Binary
HCG.IU_15000 0,1 Binary
Buserelin_0.5 cc 0,1 Binary
Ovitrelle_250 mgr 0,1 Binary
Ovitrelle_500 mgr 0,1 Binary
Type-Fostimon 0,1 Binary
Type-Gonal.F 0,1 Binary
Type-Menopour 0,1 Binary
Type-HMG 0,1 Binary
Type-Merional 0,1 Binary
Type-Bravelle 0,1 Binary
Before Stimulation-OCP 0,1 Binary
Before Stimulation-Estradiol 0,1 Binary
Cotreatment-Aspirin 0,1 Binary
Adjuvant therapy-Acid folic 0,1 Binary
Right-PCO 0,1 Binary
Right-Cyst 0,1 Binary
Left-PCO 0,1 Binary
Left-Cyst 0,1 Binary
Endometrial Texture-Three line 0,1 Binary
have you married before-yes 0,1 Binary
did you have any child-no 0,1 Binary
Common surgery-T.BX 0,1 Binary
Common surgery-Vasectomy 0,1 Binary
Uncommon surgery-Urethral stricture 0,1 Binary
Uncommon surgery-Brain surgey 0,1 Binary
Medical history-Mumps 0,1 Binary
Medical history-Hypertension 0,1 Binary
Medical history-Veneral Dz 0,1 Binary
Medical history-Allergy 0,1 Binary
Medical history-D.M 0,1 Binary
Medical history-M orchitis 0,1 Binary
Medical history-Test Pain 0,1 Binary
Medical history-TB 0,1 Binary
Medical history-Epididimorchitis 0,1 Binary
Medical history-UDT 0,1 Binary
Medical history-UTI 0,1 Binary
Cigarette-occasionally 0,1 Binary
Cigarette-quarter pack per day 0,1 Binary
Cigarette-half pack per day 0,1 Binary
Cigarette-one pack per day 0,1 Binary
Cigarette-two packs per day 0,1 Binary
Cigarette-three packs per day 0,1 Binary
Alcohol-occasionally 0,1 Binary
Alcohol-one per week 0,1 Binary
Opium-occasionally 0,1 Binary
Opium-one per day 0,1 Binary
Marital status of brothers-Married 0,1 Binary
Marital status of brothers-New couples 0,1 Binary
Family HX of infertility-Do your brothers have any children 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_less than 1 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_1-1.5 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_1.5–2 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_2-2.5 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_2.5–3 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_3-3.5 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_3.5–4 0,1 Binary
Right testicle Size_more than 4 0,1 Binary
Left testicle size_less than 1 0,1 Binary
Left testicle size_1-1.5 0,1 Binary
Left testicle size_1.5–2 0,1 Binary
Left testicle size_2-2.5 0,1 Binary
Left testicle size_2.5–3 0,1 Binary
Left testicle _3-3.5 0,1 Binary
Left testicle size_3.5–4 0,1 Binary
Left testicle size_more than 4 0,1 Binary
Vas-RT 0,1 Binary
Vas-LT 0,1 Binary
RT-NL 0,1 Binary
RT-Ab 0,1 Binary
LT-NL 0,1 Binary
RT-G 0,1 Binary
plan-med treatment 0,1 Binary
Vitamin-Vitamin C 0,1 Binary
Vitamin-Vitamin E 0,1 Binary
Plan-S.A 0,1 Binary
Plan-Imaging 0,1 Binary
Plan-H.A 0,1 Binary
Plan-CW 0,1 Binary
Plan-KARYO 0,1 Binary
Plan-AZF 0,1 Binary
Plan-TESE 0,1 Binary
Plan-Wives visit by Gyn required 0,1 Binary
Plan-Varicocelectomy 0,1 Binary
Plan-sperm Freezing 0,1 Binary
Plan-PC.U.A 0,1 Binary
Plan-genetic consult 0,1 Binary
Plan-endocrine consult 0,1 Binary
Plan-DFI 0,1 Binary
Plan-stop smoking, alcohol, opium 0,1 Binary
Plan-Occupation hygiene 0,1 Binary
Plan-Low weight 0,1 Binary
Plan-Others 0,1 Binary
Morphology-Amorph 0,1 Binary
Morphology-giant head 0,1 Binary
Morphology-pin head 0,1 Binary
Morphology-round head 0,1 Binary
Morphology-cytoplasmic droplet 0,1 Binary