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Table 2 Proposed strengthening actions for management and governance

From: Routine health information system in the health facilities in Yaoundé–Cameroon: assessing the gaps for strengthening

Subdomains Proposed strengthening measures
Policies and planning Review the legislation and regulation
Define clearly the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders at all pyramidal levels and disseminate to all HFs, especially private HFs during their creation
Develop and disseminate a procedure manual and appropriate data management guidelines
Ensure coordination between stakeholders at the district level
Include stakeholders in the data validation process
Management Harmonize the various Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) between stakeholders
Train and post the personal in charge of monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
Introduce performance-based financing (PBF) in M&E activities
Produce and disseminate supervision guidelines to all stakeholders
Enforce the implementation of the already existing supervision action plans
Update the Master facility list (MFL) to include service domains and unique identifier codes for all HFs
Consider regular trimestral update by the districts and a general census every 5 years to update the MFL
Human resources Define clearly in the procedure manual the various positions and the competencies of staff required at every level
Identify the various required staffs and then post according to their competencies
Develop and validate a costed work force training plan for pre- and in-service training
Standardise the training curriculum and modules among training institutions in the health sector
Harmonise staff training data bases between the Regional authorities and partners
Use staff management software to manage pre- and in-service training of staff