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Table 3 Ten examples of valid missing IS-A relations confirmed by EVS experts

From: Detecting missing IS-A relations in the NCI Thesaurus using an enhanced hybrid approach

Subconcept Superconcept
Glycine encephalopathy Congenital nervous system disorder
Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes-N2-transduced Therapeutic tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
Stage 0 anal cancer AJCC v8 Anal precancerous condition
Cutaneous pseudolymphoma Non-neoplastic skin disorder
Congenital vena cava abnormality Congenital cardiovascular abnormality
Mouse cardiac fibrosarcoma Mouse cardiac sarcoma
Fibrosarcoma of the mouse intestinal tract Mouse malignant mesenchymal neoplasm
Carcinoma of the mouse larynx Mouse carcinoma
Eyelid xanthoma Non-neoplastic eyelid disorder
Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome-associated lymphoma Immunodeficiency-related malignant neoplasm