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Table 1 Selected representative symptoms for seven AIDS syndrome types, Here, we have selected symptoms whose attention weight is greater than 0.8 to characterize the features of each AIDS syndrome

From: Effective attention-based network for syndrome differentiation of AIDS

Syndrome Selected representative symptoms Accuracy(%)
S1 white tongue coating; red tongue; string-taut pulse; cough; fever; 85.2
  headache; chest pain; rash or herpes; self-sweating; itchy skin; dizziness  
S2 scanty coating; fine vein; rapid pulse; dry coating; low fever; 86.4
  night sweating; fatigue; pale complexion; itching in the skin; cough  
S3 dark purple tongue; white coating; unsmooth pulse; fatigue; fever; 83.5
  dyspnea on exertion; alopecia; muscle ache; joint pain; dark and gloomy complexion  
S4 red tongue; greasy coating; slippery pulse; herpes; skin ulcer; 87.2
  itching in the skin; ulcer in the tongue; asthma  
S5 pink tongue; thin coating; string-taut pulse; lack of appetite; 85.9
  weight loss; cold sweat; anorexia; scrofula bump  
S6 pale tongue; yellow and white tongue coating; thick coating; greasy coating; deep pulse; 84.2
  slippery pulse; diarrhea; abdominal pain; nausea; tired soreness; fever; prolapse  
S7 thin tongue; grey and black coating; thin coating; weak pulse; 87.6
  fatigue; anorexia; dyspnea on exertion; skin ulcer