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Table 2 Normalization Process Theory Core Constructs

From: A mixed methods systematic review of the effects of patient online self-diagnosing in the ‘smart-phone society’ on the healthcare professional-patient relationship and medical authority

Coherence (CO) (Sense-making work) Cognitive Participation (CP) (Relationship work) Collective Action (CA) (Enacting work) Reflexive Monitoring (RM) (Appraisal work)
The sense-making work that people do individually and collectively when they are faced with online self-diagnosis and seeking online health information The relational work that people do individually and collectively to build and sustain online health information seeking The operational work that people do by investing effort and time to engage in online self-diagnosis and seeking online health information and to use this information in consultations The appraisal work that people do when online self-diagnosing or seeking online health information that affects them and others around them
Differentiation: Initiation Interactional workability Systemization
How a set of practices are different from each other Key participants driving a set of practices forward Interactional work people do with each other in consultations and other everyday settings Collecting information to determine how effective and useful it is
Communal specification: Enrolment Relational integration Communal appraisal
A shared understanding of aims and benefits of a set of practices Strategies used to engage in tasks and help secure implementation Communicating reliable knowledge about tasks to build accountability and maintain confidence Working together to determine and evaluate the worth of a set of practices
Individual specification: Legitimation Skill set workability Individual appraisal
An understanding of the responsibilities around a task and practices The belief that the set of practices is correct and if it is right to be involved Task allocation and performances Working as individuals to appraise the effects on themselves
Internalization: Activation Contextual Integration Reconfiguration
Understanding the benefits and values of a set of practices Defining actions, behaviours and procedures needed to sustain a practice and stay involved Managing a set of practices through the allocation of different kinds of resources Redefining procedures or modifying practices.