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Table 2 Categorization of asset values [19, 44, 49,50,51,52]

From: Risk management-based security evaluation model for telemedicine systems

Security objectivePotential impactDescription
ConfidentialityHighShould be available internally to authorized persons only; unauthorized exposure can result in harm to individual privacy and/or fatal damage to telemedicine system
ModerateCan be disclosed internally but in case of external exposure may cause significant problems with respect to individual privacy and/or telemedicine system
LowIf exposed to external persons, will have negligible effect on individual privacy and telemedicine system
IntegrityHighAccidental or intentional changes may result in extreme harm to individual privacy or telemedicine system
ModerateAccidental or intentional changes may cause significant damage to individual privacy or telemedicine system
LowAccidental or intentional changes will have negligible effect on individual privacy or telemedicine system
AvailabilityHighService interruption may cause fatal damage to operation of telemedicine system
ModerateService interruption may result in significant damage to telemedicine system
LowService interruption will cause negligible damage to telemedicine system
Asset ContributionHighAsset is essential to telemedicine system services
ModerateAsset is partially necessary for telemedicine system services
LowAsset plays a supporting role in telemedicine system services