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Table 1 GPs’ core capabilities, competencies, and identified tasks

From: Can mobile health apps replace GPs? A scoping review of comparisons between mobile apps and GP tasks

No.CompetencyaIs this a GP’s task?bSearch term
Fitness to practice
 1Develop the attitudes and behaviours expected of a good doctorNoN/A
 2Manage the factors that influence your performanceNoN/A
Maintaining and ethical approach
 3Treat others fairly and with respect, acting without discriminationNoN/A
 4Provide care with compassion and kindnessNoN/A
Communication and consultation
 5Establish an effective partnership with patientsNoN/A
 6Maintain a continuing relationship with patients, carers and familiesNoN/A
Data gathering and interpretation
 7Apply a structured approach to data gathering and investigationYesHistory taking
 8Interpret findings accurately to reach a diagnosisYesDiagnosis
Clinical examinations and procedures
 9Demonstrate a proficient approach to clinical examinationYesClinical examination
 10Demonstrate a proficient approach to the performance of proceduresYesMedical procedures
Making decisions
 11Adopt appropriate decision-making principlesYesMedical decision making
 12Apply a scientific and evidence-based approachNoN/A
Clinical management
 13Provide general clinical care to patients of all ages and backgroundsNoN/A
 14Adopt a structured approach to clinical managementYesClinical management
 15Make appropriate use of other professionals and servicesYesHealth professionals
 16Provide urgent care when neededYesUrgent care
Managing medical complexity
 17Enable people living with long-term conditions to improve their healthYesLong-term care
 18Manage concurrent health problems in an individual patientYesHealth problems
 19Adopt safe and effective approaches for patients with complex health needsNoN/A
Working with colleagues and in teams
 20Work as an effective team memberNoN/A
 21Coordinate a team-based approach to the care of patientsYesTeam-based care
Maintaining performance learning and teaching
 22Continuously evaluate and improve the care you provideNoN/A
 23Adopt a safe and scientific approach to improve quality of careNoN/A
 24Support the education and development of colleaguesNoN/A
Organisational management and leadership
 25Apply leadership skills to help improve your organisation’s performanceNoN/A
 26Develop the financial and business skills required for your roleNoN/A
 27Make effective use of information management and communication systemsNoN/A
Practising holistically and promoting health
 28Demonstrate the holistic mindset of a generalist medical practitionerNoN/A
 29Support people through individual experiences of health, illness and recoveryYesHealth promotion
Community orientation
 30Understand the health service and your role within itNoN/A
 31Build relationships with the communities with which you workNoN/A
  1. N/A not applicable
  2. aGPs’ core capabilities and competencies based on the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) guideline
  3. bA task is defined as an action relating to doctor-patient interaction performed by a GP during a clinical consultation