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Table 3 Normalized area measures \( \overset{\sim }{pAUC} \), \( \overset{\sim }{pAUC_c} \) and sPA are shown for 3 parts of an ROC curve using a support vector machine classifier on Ljubljana breast cancer remission data. Best values per column are shown in bold font

From: A new concordant partial AUC and partial c statistic for imbalanced data in the evaluation of machine learning algorithms

iFPRTPR\( \overset{\sim }{pAUC} \)\( \overset{\sim }{pAUC_c} \)sPA
1[0.00, 0.33][0.00, 0.53]64.6%84.5%78.8%
2[0.33, 0.66][0.53, 0.88]89.3%79.8%89.4%
3[0.66, 1.00][0.88, 1.00]99.9%90.1%99.7%