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Table 3 Baseline characteristics of primary care centers and patients with reminders in the control and intervention groups

From: Effectiveness of electronic point-of-care reminders versus monthly feedback to improve adherence to 10 clinical recommendations in primary care: a cluster randomized clinical trial

 Control groupIntervention groupP value
Patients with reminders317,117328,728 
 Mean age66.3866.480.0047
 95% CI(66.33–66.43)(66.43–66.53)
 % women46.1546.290.235
 Mean no. of reminders1.481.490.0012
 95% CI(1.47–1.48)(1.48–1.49)
 Mean no. of visits per patient1.691.750.0000
 95% CI(1.68–1.70)(1.74–1.75)
Number of primary care centers137132 
 % rural centers36.546.20.11
 % of teaching centers21.925.760.477
 Mean no. of patients >14 assigned16,279.8117,429.420.2377
 95% CI(14,920.39–17,639.23)(16,072.79–18,786.04)
 % population served70.771.230.4716
 95% CI(69.69–71.74)(70.26–72.19)
 Mean no. of patients per general practitioner1337.211373.310.2565
 95% CI(1296.99–1377.43)(1324.85–1421.77)
 Frequency of visits per patient per year6.856.990.4669
 95% CI(6.59–7.11)(6.72–7.27)
 Mean no. of general practitioners per center11.9712.520.3943
 95% CI(11.05–12.89)(11.65–13.39)
 Mean no. of nurses per center12.7313.180.4899
 95% CI(11.78–13.67)(12.27–14.1)