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Table 1 Top DE-miRNAs from Case vs. control (18 DE-miRs total) and Treatment vs. case (8 DE-miRs total)

From: Expression alteration of microRNAs in Nucleus Accumbens is associated with chronic stress and antidepressant treatment in rats

Case vs. controlTreatment vs. case
miRNAlog2 FCRelevance to Neuropsychiatric diseaseRefmiRNAlog2FCRelevance to Neuropsychiatric diseaseRef
miR-12981.70NA miR-7a-5p−1.10NA 
miR-139-5p1.28May Marks sensitivity to stress[22]miR-181a-2-3p1.05Related to Cerebral cavernous malformations[23]
miR-139-3p1.41↓by Nerve Growth Factor treatment[24]miR-200a-3p1.02Mediate antidepressant-like effects in stressed rat[25]
miR-34c-5p1.23↓in blood&brain of MDD patients[26, 27]miR-214-3p−2.05adjusts Depressive-like Behaviors[28]
miR-448-3p1.61NA miR-32-3p−1.24NA 
miR-204-5p1.07Suppressed by morphine[29]miR-62154.16NA 
miR-10b-5p−1.29Related to Parkinson disease[30]miR-653-5p− 1.02NA 
miR-214-3p2.02adjusts Depressive-like Behaviors[31]miR-10b-5p1.36Related to Parkinson disease[30]