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Table 1 ECG segments from a complete ECG waveform

From: Statistical and spectral analysis of ECG signal towards achieving non-invasive blood glucose monitoring

1RR-I (HRV)RR interval is the interval between successive Rs of the ECG wave and R is a point located at the peak of the QRS complex (Heart rate variability (HRV))
2HRHeart rate computed in beat per minutes
3R-HHeight of the R wave in millivolts
4P-HHeight of the P wave in millivolts
5QRSTime interval of the QRS complex
6PRQThe interval from the beginning of the P wave to the peak of R wave in milliseconds
7QTQT segment interval in millisecond
8QTCCorrected QT intervals
9STST interval in milliseconds after the S wave to the beginning of the T wave
  1. ECG Electrocardiogram