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Table 1 Behaviour change technique (BCT) within each PEGASO system component

From: Promoting healthy teenage behaviour across three European countries through the use of a novel smartphone technology platform, PEGASO fit for future: study protocol of a quasi-experimental, controlled, multi-Centre trial

Behaviour change techniqueOperationalisation in the PEGASO system
Companion App
 Information about health consequences, Prompt/Cues, Instruction on how to perform a behaviourNews stream UI
 Feedback on behaviourEnergy bar
 Self-monitoring of behaviourInteraction with specific UI elements in the News Stream
 Social supportFriends UI
 Problem solvingMessages and reminders
EDiary App
 Self-monitoring of behaviour, Feedback on behaviourDiversity and Balance index and Food groups consumption
 Prompt/CuesCurrent target behaviour
 Credible sourceCompanion Avatar
 Instruction on how to perform a behaviourCompanion Avatar suggestions
Challenges App
 Feedback on behaviourFeedback on the performance in the challenge
 Prompt/CuesNew challenge available
 Self-monitoring of behaviourChallenge status
 Instruction on how to perform a behaviourChallenge description
 Social supportCompetitive and collaborative challenges
 Goal setting (behaviour)Selection of challenge
 Goal setting (outcome)Selection of challenge
Dashboard App
 Self-monitoring of behaviour, Feedback on behaviourPresentation of performances in activities related to physical activity
Serious Game
 Information about nutrients in foodMini-games (Scavenge mini-game, Research mini-game, NPC mini-game, Laptop mini-game)
 Feedback on behaviourEnergy bar, score and points, mini-games, game results
 Feedback on the outcomes of the behaviourEnergy bar metaphor
 Credible sourceGame narrative
 Adding objects to the environmentGame narrative
PEGASO Web Portal
 Information about health consequencesBlog information and training modules
 Self-monitoring of behaviour Feedback on behaviourZivaCare module
 Feedback on the outcomes of the behaviourBlog information contact with PEGASO experts and training modules
 Credible sourceContact with experts
 Instruction on how to perform a behaviourBlog information and training modules
 Social supportContact with peers, tutors and expert
Report App
 Self-monitoring of behaviour Feedback on behaviourDisplay of stats about user behaviours
 Social supportProvision of the possibility to interact with the family doctor
  1. UI: User interaction