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Table 5 Precision and recall for all data elements using the NLP system

From: Natural language processing for populating lung cancer clinical research data

Data elementsNumber of patients in existing Dataset (A)Number of patients with true NLP results (B)Number of patients with NLP results (C)Precision1 (B/A)Precision2 (B/C)RecallTime window
Stage2127133018830.6250.7060.88590 days
2127132818830.6240.7050.88560 days
2127132518830.6230.7040.88530 days
Histology2208191819890.8690.8850.98290 days
2208191421640.8670.8840.98060 days
2208188921540.8560.8770.97630 days
Tumor grade1635118212030.7230.9020.80190 days
1635117013000.7160.9000.79560 days
1635114312740.7000.8970.77930 days
Chemotherapy167416741674111365 days
Radiotherapy769769769111365 days
Surgery312312312111365 days