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Table 2 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis

From: A personalized, web-based breast cancer decision making application: a pre-post survey

  Helpful Harmful
Internal Strengths
• Large sample size
• High application uptake
• Tablet provided to family (i.e., not required to purchase)
• Pre-post responses available
• Clinical data available
• Limited survey data collected
• Lack of pre-implementation period surveys
• Pre-post design (vs. randomized)
• Attitudes of patients who refused tool not captured
• Unable to control for confounders
• Limited to iOS-based tablet
External Opportunities
• Integration into patient record portals
• Progressive web application standards
• Pre-visit content delivery model
• New content formats (e.g., video)
• Engaging family members
• Generalizability outside of referral population
• High baseline confidence
• Evolving content delivery models (e.g., standards) and content delivery expectations (e.g., multi-platform)