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Table 1 Post-testing surveys and open-ended responses

From: The design and methodology of a usability protocol for the management of medications by families for aging older adults

Post-Testing Survey - Likert Scale (1–7)
 Overall, I am satisfied with the ease of completing these tasks
 Overall, I am satisfied with the amount of time it took me to complete these tasks
 Overall, I am satisfied with the usefulness of the on-line help for completing these tasks
 How would you rate the difficulty of completing the task scenarios?
 Overall, after completing these tasks, I feel that this could potentially be used on a regular basis as part of my patient care, or my care recipient’s care, and for communicating my current list of medications with my care provider.
Post-Testing Interview
 Did you understand the tasks that you were asked to complete?
 Are there any tasks that you found particularly difficult to use?
 What changes would you suggest to make the system easier to use?
 Is there anything about this usability test process or tasks scenarios that can be improved?
 Do you feel that this medication system could potentially improve your patient care?