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Table 3 Usability issues identified in the second design iteration’s usability testing focus group

From: ALOHA: developing an interactive graph-based visualization for dietary supplement knowledge graph through user-centered design

Theme Usability issue Heuristic Number of participants reporting the issue
(n = 8)
Readability The words in the tutorial are too small Reduce uncertainty 2/8
The word on the line is too close to the line Reduce uncertainty 1/8
Long response time The loading time for queries is too long Reduce uncertainty 5/8
Information presentation The web application layout design is initially not easy to understand Present new information with meaningful aids to interpretation 1/8
The search box should be on the top Automate unwanted workload 2/8
The text in the node should be maintained by word level Automate unwanted workload 1/8
Some nodes will be out of the viewport after node dragging Reduce uncertainty 1/8
It is hard to find the most important information from the result Include in the displays only that information needed by the user at a given time 1/8
Lack of functionalities There should be a way to cancel delete node operation Automate unwanted workload 2/8
Search history is needed Automate unwanted workload 2/8
Incomplete functionality The tutorial should be more comprehensive Automate unwanted workload 2/8
Sometimes the disease node can’t expand Reduce uncertainty 1/8
The arrow should be a double direction Reduce uncertainty 1/8