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Table 6 Classification of typical terms proposed by ML model

From: Ontology-based venous thromboembolism risk assessment model developing from medical records

Classification Name Typical Terms
Predilection site and clinical manifestation Thrombus, Lower limb vein, Left lower limb, Posterior tibial vein, Thrombosis, Femoral vein, Embolism, Shank, Hemoptysis, Pulmonary artery
Treatment Warfarin
Tumor Paclitaxel, Lymphoma, Lung adenocarcinoma
Surgery, Trauma, Invasive Operation Resection, Peritoneal dialysis, Cholecystectomy, Stenting
Rheumatic Disease Rheumatoid arthritis, Prednisone, Hyperuricemia, Lupus nephritis
Acute Infection Bacteria, Pneumonia, Antibiotics, Septic shock, Vancomycin, Soft tissue infection
Mechanical Ventilation Mask