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Table 6 Summary of Results

From: How professional capital and team heterogeneity affect the demands of online team-based medical service

Hypotheses Results
H1a. CCL(+)➔CCT Supported
H1b. SCL(+)➔CCT Supported
H1c. CCL(+)➔SCT Supported
H1d. SCL(+)➔SCT Supported
H2a. CCL(+)➔TSD of MTs Supported
H2b. SCL(+)➔TSD of MTs Supported
H3a. CCT(+)➔TSD of MTs Supported
H3b. SCT(+)➔TSD of MTs Not supported/significant
H4. TH(−)➔TSD of MTs Supported
H5a. CCL×TH(+)➔TSD of MTs Supported
H5b. SCL×TH (+)➔TSD of MTs Supported
H6a. CCT×TH (+)➔TSD of MTs Not supported/significant
H6b. SCT×TH (+)➔TSD of MTs Not supported/significant
  1. Note: The significant level of accepting/rejecting the hypotheses is at the 0.1 level