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Table 1 Core components of a health information system during an emergency

From: Improving health information systems during an emergency: lessons and recommendations from an Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone

Core HIS component Description
Data collection tools Paper and/or electronic forms that constitute the information (e.g. demographic, epidemiological, medical) collected on individual patients.
Communication of data Methods and channels for communicating patient information as securely as possible to relevant parties within the care facility, and externally as necessary.
Coordination amongst relevant parties Channels for up-to-date communication with the individuals and departments that play a role in using and/or maintaining the HIS.
Staff training Development and use of standardized training tools, schedules, and sessions related to HIS, including medical ethics.
Data management All aspects of managing data, including data digitization, entry, storage, security, and archiving.
Data analysis and reporting Processing and analyzing data for monitoring care, internal/external reporting, and research.